Surprise, Surprise!: Look Who’s In Heaven; How Did He Get Here?

“I would like to go to heaven. I don’t want to die though. I know I have not been perfect, I have not always sought or done the will of God but God is merciful; He will not punish me for my little, little sins.”
What do you think of your neighbors, will they be welcome in heaven? “Well, you know, heaven is a special place for special people; it’s not everyone that is let in, and my neighbors, the way they are, the way they carry on, I doubt it if God will let people like those into His heaven.”

There will be many surprises in heaven because the way God judges people and situations is miles different from the way we judge. People we don’t expect to be in heaven will be there, while many whom we expect to be there will not be there. This exciting volume; number four, in the Luke commentary series, examines chapters fifteen to eighteen of the Gospel of Luke. It contains much insight that will bless as well as surprise you!


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